Pastel & Pencil Artist.  Commissions Welcome.

Pet portraits are done in one of the following three options.  Pastel Pencil,  Coloured Pencil, and Acrylic Paint. If you are interested in a commission please message me with your query, and we can discuss size options,  price, Framing options and Delivery cost and Medium used.

Single Portraits can be done on any size but Two pets are done on A3 or A2.   Three pets can be done on A3 depending on what needs to be done or it is better suited to A2.


If you are photographing an animal do not take the picture from above. Get down to eye level as much as possible.

Take pictures in the best light you can but avoid sunlight, It creates high-contrast pictures. The best weather is slightly overcast where the light is diffused.

Avoid a direct flash. If you do use a flash use one that directs it away from the subject.

Take as many pictures as you can from different angles as well as parts of your pet to get more details of colour patterns etc.

Take the best quality image as you can so it can be blown up when printing to get all the extra detail.

With subjects that won’t keep still, use the burst mode on the camera. You won’t find it easy to spot the right moment and press the shutter in time. When working with live models it is important to have lots of poses which when looked at later can help bring out the personality of your subject when drawing.